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Spend 4 days with PROJECT Trio in an immersive experience during the Interactive Flute Retreat.

This unique event for adults 18+, will take place Friday, July 24, 2020 - Monday July 27, 2020 in South Haven, Michigan.

PROJECT Trio will teach over 6 engaging classes throughout the retreat and provide chamber coaching sessions.

Enjoy nine meals, as much or as little activities as you prefer, space to practice, and a place to rest your head for three nights. The Interactive Flute Retreat is an all-inclusive event to inspire the artistic soul.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now!

updated May 1, 2019

*Tuition includes all classes, meals, activities, and lodging.


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The Interactive Flute Retreat, an all-inclusive event on the shores of South Haven, Michigan for ADULT musicians 18+. This event is a unique opportunity to continue learning and growing in a peaceful environment with world-class instructors. The Interactive Flute Retreat welcomes PROJECT Trio, July 24-27, 2020. Walk away rejuvenated, improve your skills, and form memories in a picturesque location. Registration is now open.

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previous attendee COMMENTS

The word that keeps coming up in my mind to describe this flute retreat is "heaven". This was my personal heaven. The high quality of instruction from Sharon Sparrow, the kind and safe environment in which to learn and in an environment of elegance, peace and tranquility was wonderful.This retreat cannot be more perfect for me, unless you include Jeff Zook as an instructor and add an extra day, oh that's right...you did.

Honestly, I couldn't send my deposit for this year's retreat fast enough. And I haven't even mentioned the fabulous gourmet food! Thank you to all who make this retreat possible!


This has been such an amazing experience and I am so happy that I decided to come. I learned more than I could ever imagine and I LOVE the beach!



“Interactive” is the key word to describe my experiences attending the Interactive Flute Retreat for the past four years.  These retreats are not events where one goes simply to hear lectures and demonstrations.  Yes, there are those; but the great difference is that participants get to truly interact with some of the highest-level world-class musicians of our day – to play with and for them, to be inspired by their expertise, and to learn some of the newest techniques that modern-day flutists are called upon to execute.  It is impossible to come away from an Interactive Flute Retreat and not have a renewed enthusiasm and the tools for improving one’s own flute technique.