College Students!

Are you looking for ways to create a fantastic, and adaptable music career after school?

Retreat takeaways:

  • Impress the pants off your teacher, colleagues, and friends.

  • how to create your personal brand that suits. your personality

  • get more gigs

  • work with other musicians, like you, who think outside the box

  • add additional sounds and techniques to enhance what your teacher has tried to get through to you.

  • take a few days to practice, collaborate, reset and rejuvenate at the beach before school begins.

Introducing Small Groups! Get what you need. At your pace.

Talk about your goals, dreams, the in’s and out in this industry, and more with one-on-one conversations with PROJECT Trio members throughout the weekend. Take what you have learned and prepare for your next step to a successful career.

Get out of your comfort zone as you solidify new skills with the group that reignite musician’s love of music. Sashay your way to the top of your class with orchestral excerpts, and radical pieces.

Perform for the trio, and don’t forget your retreat peers, on a stage, in a private restaurant-open only for our event.

Like previous years, the retreat is kept to an intimate group of 16 attendees so you can get the attention you deserve throughout the event.

The guys stay off-site but will be available from sun up to beyond sun down.

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