Summer Improv #2

Improv #2: Duets!

The way to a musicians heart

Do you feel your heart race with excitement after playing duets and pieces with ensembles of all sizes? Collaboration is a fantastic way to grow as a musician(s). Below are a few ideas to incorporate into your summer:



Play through duets, trios, quartets. Once you are able to play through your pieces try:


    Set the tempo at mm=160 or above then play the piece as fast as you can


    You guessed it! Play slowly mm=60 or below.


    Intentionally increase/ decrease tempo while playing together.


Designate a person to say “switch!” and both parties change parts or stands.

Try not to stop! Switch and keep going

*warning - activity comes with laughter


    Play every other measure. This activity is great for teachers to use for students having problems with musical flow.

Ensembles of three or more musicians

More than two players? Play the FLOAT! Activity from Jeffrey Agrell:

This game comes from the Soundpainting gesture coming and going. Players enter and exit at will, trying to keep approximately two voices going at all times.

Players do not have to wait until someone drops out; it is permissible to charge right in and force a player to drop out. Be bold. When the texture thickens, drop out and when it is too thin, join in.

Variation: make a different number of voices the goal (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)

from Floating Duet by Jeffrey Agrell

More Improv?

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August 16-19, 2019