Summer Extend #2

Extended Technique to try this summer: Last post included the first technique - pitch bends. This post will cover key clicks and flutter tonguing:

Key Clicks

What Is It? Percussive technique to create that involves strongly clicking the keys of the instrument to produce a pitch resonance. (thank you

How Does It Work?: finger written note and slap either the lowest closed key or the G key

What Are the Benefits?: Improves finger, hand, tongue and abdominal coordination.

What Does It Sound Like?:

What Does It Look Like?:

Image from Vienna Symphony Library

Image from Vienna Symphony Library

Flutter Tonguing

What Is It?: the action of vibrating the tongue (as if rolling an r ) in playing a wind instrument to produce a whirring effect.

How Does It Work?: While playing, flutter your tongue as if rolling r’s in Spanish, or use your throat to make a gargling sound.

What Are the Benefits?: Improves support, Encourages the relaxation of throat and tongue (

*it is important to remember, this technique will not produce a clear sound. Don’t force it, let it roll off the tongue.

What Does It Sound Like?

What Does It Look Like?



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